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Signing up to OS Resume is even more convenient than usual. Use one of the most common networks used by professionals (Github, Facebook or your Google account) or simply skip this step and enter your name and email address. We keep your data strictly confidential.

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Choose one of the templates. Add your personal info and choose and edit the necessary sections. You will find the relevent forms in the Sidebars. Every Sidebar will open a drawer where you will have options to create/update/delete/rearrange information.

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Export your Resume to PDF. PDF will provide you with the best and most consistent visual formatting It is saved at every checkpoint (create/update/delete/rearrange information).

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How long does it take to write a resume? Hours? Days? With OS Resume you can be done in minutes. Create a convincing and effective resume in several clicks. Choose a design, fill in your details and ideas. Fast and simple.

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The project is Open Source. Feel free to have a look around the repository. If you find OS Resume useful consider suporting me with a coffee or a star on the repository.